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As a construction and property management company, we offer a wide variety of products and services to choose from. On the construction side of the business, we offer one stop shopping for ALL of your construction needs. Our more than qualified technicians have a combined 150 years of actual work experience. All of our tech's are licensed insured and bonded in the event of an accident. We specialize in fire and rehabilitation of residential as well as commercial properties!
On the property management side of the house, we do soup to nuts management. Our property owners are very pleased with the way we manage their properties! We manage apartment showings, credit checks, criminal background checks, move in's, move outs, restoral of rental units to pristine condition! We handle the mortgage payments, taxes and insurance obligations, landscaping and property clean-up. On the rare occasion, there may be a tenant who persists in not meeting their monthly obligations, we handle all the legalities involved during their transition out of the property. At the end of every month, one check is cut to the owners after all expenses have been paid. 
In the event you would like to do site visits to some of the properties we manage, please feel free to contact us to make an arrangement to accomplish this.